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Turning Point: Fall of Liberty for Xbox 360 Review

It's unclear to me how a game this promising could be so lackluster. I mean, just consider the alternate history of the premise: It's World War II and the Nazis are invading 1950's America. You're a resistance fighter battling German forces in such places as New York City and Washington D.C. You rescue a general who refuses to surrender and even overthrow the faux president who does. It's interesting on so many levels.

And then there's the game, which features lackluster graphics, dumber-than-dumb play mechanics, stuttering game play, and horrible enemy AI. There's no sense of danger at all, and there's not even any blood, which is frankly kind of odd in a game of this kind. Compared to the superstar shooters that have appeared recently on the Xbox 360, especially the incredible Call of Duty 4 (see my review), Turning Point is like a slap to the face. This kind of thing might have been acceptable two years ago, but it's decidedly not cool now.

The only thing saving Turning Point is, indeed, the story, which is actually pretty nifty despite the horrible execution. It's just a shame they couldn't have combined that story with a decent game engine. As it stands, Turning Point is just a wasted opportunity, yet another Xbox 360 first person shooter. Woo.

Multiplayer, too, is horrible, even worse than the single player campaign. As with the horrific Hour of Victory (see my review), it's unclear why anyone would waste their time playing this game online. It's barely worth mentioning.


Plot: Excellent. If you're into alternative history, this is a decent if obvious example.

Graphics: Absolutely second-rate. Games like COD4, Half-Life 2, and Bioshock point the way. This game is a blast from the past.

Sound: A John Williams-esque soundtrack was the right choice, though it sounds derivative. Sound effects are appropriate, but the voice acting, like the graphics, is previous generation quality.

Game play: Rote with auto-aim and terrible AI. The biggest problem is getting lost because you can't find that one thing you need to interact with, like a rope, ledge, or object to jump on.

Replayability: Non-existent. I refuse to believe anyone would play this game through more than once, and multiplayer is pointless.

Multiplayer: Thanks to Hour of Victory and Gears of War, it's not the worst out there, but it's in the bottom ten percent. Absolutely worthless.

Final score: Avoid it.

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