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Top 10 Tech Podcasts: #5, Windows Weekly

A nice bit of praise from Automated Home, which is much appreciated:

Podcasts, netcasts, time shifted radio and IPTV.  Whatever they are, they've come of age.  Less and less of my time is spent consuming regular TV and Radio these days as my hunger for tech-tainment grows.  I listen to podcasts on the way to and from work in the car.  I watch video podcasts on my PC in my lunch break.  I listen to tech shows on the lawnmower and I even fall asleep listening to them at night.

Never before has there been such a variety of shows, or quality of production. If you aren't subscribed to some tech shows you are certainly missing out.  So after years of listening and much deliberating here's our top 10 technology podcasts recommendations

5.  Windows Weekly

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Format: Audio / Typical Length: 45 mins

Paul Thurrott joins Leo Laporte for a weekly chat on Windows.  Paul tells it like it is and his obvious passion for the OS doesn't automatically mean he's a Microsoft fan-boy.  Regularly the chat turns to Mac too and in recent shows he's revealed his laptop of choice is a MacBook, his mobile is an iPhone and he's a .Mac subscriber too.  His regular trips to Richmond provide a good insight into what's coming from the mighty MS.  He's a fan of Windows Media Center and Windows Home Server and his pick of the week always brings an interesting new app or service that’s worth checking out.

Thanks! --Paul

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