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Red Gate Software's SQL Bundle is a favorite for David Washington, a SQL Server DBA in Kathleen, Georgia, who manages an extensive payroll database that serves more than 3 million users. He says he's "especially thankful" for the SQL Compare and SQL Data Compare tools. "Red Gate SQL Compare and SQL Data Compare help me deploy stored procedures, user-defined functions (UDF)s, schema, and data from my test environment to my production environment," David notes. "I can run a comparison to ensure that the production instance looks exactly like the test instance, and if not, I can run the scripts generated to synchronize them instantly."

SQL Compare compares and synchronizes the structure of SQL Server 2000 and 7.0 database objects. Designed for use in a development environment, the product lets you push local database changes to a live database on a remote server. SQL Compare automates the process of comparing and synchronizing all database objects, including tables, stored procedures, views, and UDFs. The product takes dependencies and referential integrity into account and produces high-quality SQL scripts.

SQL Data Compare compares and synchronizes data on two SQL Server databases. You can use the product when data between two databases is out of synch, replication has failed and you need to know why, or you're moving data between two databases. SQL Data Compare identifies differences in the two databases and generates SQL scripts to synchronize the data.

David's department rolls out new code three or four times a year, and even though his organization uses configuration control for its source code and databases, some details inevitably slip through the cracks. Before using Red Gate SQL Bundle, David relied on the scripts that developers sent him to deploy new code to test and production databases. Sometimes, people would make changes to the test instance without telling the DBA in charge or update tables with new configuration data without sending the script to the DBA. In such cases, David and his colleagues had to spend hours sorting out the inconsistent stored procedures, UDFs, and data before they could implement a new release.

Since his organization implemented SQL Bundle, new code releases are a lot easier. "Both \[SQL Compare and SQL Data Compare\] are lightning fast and produce excellent SQL statements," David says. "Now, I'm confident that the test matches the production instance, and implementation of a new version takes minutes rather than hours."

David Washington
Kathleen, Georgia
SQL Bundle:
SQL Compare and SQL Data Compare
Red Gate Software
866-733-4283 * [email protected]

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