Patch Tuesday: It's Back! KB3001652 Re-released

Patch Tuesday: It's Back! KB3001652 Re-released

Yesterday, I reported about KB3001652, which was the first problematic update for the February 2015 Patch Tuesday. The issue was so widespread and so far-reaching that Microsoft had to pull it quickly. Normally, Microsoft will wait a few days before pulling a patch waiting for customer complaints mount beyond whatever unacceptable level has been defined by the support policies. Not this one. This one was more of a failure than success, and the impact was immediate causing PCs and servers to hang everywhere.

Today, it seems, Microsoft feels pretty confident that KB3001652 has been fixed. The company has re-released the update. I saw it show back up through Windows Update about an hour or so ago, and since then, many have reported they are also seeing it show up for WSUS and Configuration Manager as a new revision: rev. 204.

I've just updated my Surface Pro 3 with the new version and can report that all is well. For me, the update worked, but I'm waiting to hear from you. I realize it's hard to trust an update that's already caused so much heartache and additional labor, but let me know what you find in your testing.

And, good luck!

Microsoft orchestrated a pretty quick turnaround for this update, let's see how quickly the company can fix KB3000483.


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