Lumia 535 to Get Another Patch for Touchscreen Issues Soon

Lumia 535 to Get Another Patch for Touchscreen Issues Soon

Microsoft's very first self-branded smartphone is the Lumia 535. This particular model is monumental in that it represents the company's first entry into the smartphone market since the acquisition of Nokia's mobile unit. Obviously, there's pressure for Microsoft to do well with the first release, but many who jumped into the trusted pool have reported problems with the touchscreen. The problems were immediate resulting in ghost touches with wet screens and wet fingers, missing characters in texting, accidental app launches, and slow or undetected swipes left, right, up, and down.

Microsoft released an OTA update in December that seemed to fix some of the issues, but not all, and not for everyone.

A full FAQ has been released to address some of the remaining issues:  What to do if issues with the touch screen on my Lumia 535 and 535 Dual SIM phones?

The FAQ gives some prescriptive guidance to help customers work around some of the problems including wiping water from the smartphone screen and ensuring customers tap the center of the key for typing on the onscreen keyboard. In essence, don't sweat during your workout and folks with fat fingers – just try harder.

Microsoft has gone on record to both apologize and promise that the company is taking the matter seriously.  Another patch will be released as soon as the engineering teams determine the actual cause.


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