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ThinkPads go multi-touch

I've got a Windows 7-based ThinkPad T400s with multi-touch capabilities here for review, and while I will have a lot more to say about this (hint: "awesome"), here's some info about what Lenovo is doing around multi-touch on its ThinkPad X200 Tablet and T400s notebook:

Available on ThinkPad X200 Tablet and T400s models, our Enhanced Multitouch panels give you an edge: the ability to work more productively. Natural and intuitive finger-based interaction with files, pictures, charts, data and forms and applications designed specifically for mobile professionals simplifies and speeds daily tasks so you can get more done. More comfortably.

Key features of Enhanced Multitouch technology

  • One- and two-finger gesture support, plus same digitizer pen support
  • Improved capacitive touch sensitivity and input accuracy
  • Pen proximity detection technology
  • Improved palm recognition technology
  • Up to 9 hrs. battery life
  • Starts at 3.69 lbs.
  • 270 NIT LED display

One and two-finger gesture support

In addition to familiar digitizer pen input, the Enhanced Multitouch panel supports convenient one- and two-finger gestures:

  • Zoom in by pinching fingers together, and zoom out by moving fingers apart.
  • Pan vertically or horizontally by moving two fingers up and down or left and right.
  • Rotate an image by moving one finger around another.
  • Right-click by holding one finger on an object and tapping another finger.
  • Flick using quick linear pen or touch movements.

Effortless touch

Get a smoother, easier finger-touch experience. Unlike earlier panels that required physical pressure to make a connection, our next-generation digitizer with improved capacitive touch sensitivity can sense a finger touching the screen. No need to apply pressure!

More accurate input

ThinkPad smart touch firmware adjustments enable smarter touch recognition, so screen input occurs where you touch. It even compensates for panel limitations, like the inability to touch a precise spot on the screen, for an easy, no-fuss experience.

Advanced pen and palm recognition

Our intelligent pen proximity-detection technology and improved palm-rejection technology prevent your hand placement from interfering with writing. When the pen comes within range of the sensor, all finger-touch capability is disabled. When you remove your pen and hand, touch capability is re-enabled.

More soon...

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