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Telerik Announces Mango Support, Plus 2 New Windows Phone 7 Components

Telerik, a provider of tools for software development and content management solutions, announced that its RadControls for Windows Phone 7 UI suite now supports Windows Phone 7 Mango, the upcoming new version of Windows Phone 7. Additionally, Telerik released two new Windows Phone 7 components, RadChart and RadCalendar.

According to Telerik, RadControls delivers controls and capabilities that are not currently available in the UI Toolbox for Windows Phone 7 or the Windows Phone 7 OS. "We are excited by the numerous capabilities that Mango framework offers and are hard at work on leveraging as many of them as possible in RadControls for Windows Phone," said Valentin Stoychev, product manager of RadControls for Windows Phone. Stoychev also said that Telerik is providing a how-to guide for creating a complete agenda viewer for Windows Phone using RadControls' new Calendar component and Mango capabilities.

The new RadChart component lets developers turn data into meaningful and interactive visuals for the end user. RadCalendar provides access to the device appointments feature included in Mango. To learn more about RadControls, you can download a free trial of the product.

Blair Greenwood, Editorial Intern, Penton Media IT & Developer Group

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