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TechEd 2010: Live Blog (Day 3)

4:00 pm - So this isn't much of a live blog today since the day's almost over and I haven't had a chance to write yet. It's been busy, but in a less hectic way than previous days. So, in reverse order from previous days, where the newest items are now at the bottom, my day went like this...

Sean Deuby and I visited the excellent National World War II Museum for a couple of hours to start the day and I would have spent more time if it was available. Absolutely excellent. Here are a few shots...

After that, I headed back to the convention center through 95 degree heat and virtually solid humidity--it is really hot here--to interview Paul Robichaux on video for the magazine. We had such a good time we asked for a second video, which we got, so we discussed Windows Phone 7. It may be a while before these things are available online, but they were good conversations.

After a quick (very quick) dinner in the mess hall, I rushed back to the hotel to record Windows Weekly with Leo. We ran the usual two hours, of course, and then it was back to the convention center, this time for another video chat, this time with Mike Otey, kind of an overview of TechEd thing.

This evening, the magazine is hosting the Best of TechEd awards show, and then a party, so that pretty much explains how I expect most of the rest of the evening to go. More soon, I hope.

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