Take Advantage of SQL Server Resources - 02 Feb 2000

It's time to open the SQL Server grab bag! This week I want to share a few informative tidbits related to SQL Server. Enjoy!

Have you ever really wanted to tell someone at Microsoft about the great new feature you’d like to see in SQL Server that would make it a killer product? (Not that it isn’t already a killer product, of course!) Microsoft maintains a public email address at [email protected] for this purpose. I doubt that someone will respond directly to your email, but Microsoft swears these requests don't get dumped into a big black hole.

?Habla SQL? As a Most Valuable Professional (MVP) on the Microsoft newsgroups and a contributing editor for SQL Server Magazine, I receive tons of questions through email from around the world. Some questions are written in the mother tongue of the person looking for help. Usually, I can’t help because I only speak English, which is why I find the Web site interesting. The site has a basic SQL Server 7.0 course written in Spanish. If you’re aware of other Web sites that provide SQL Server information for non-English-speaking SQL Server professionals, send the URLs to me, and I promise to mention them in a future SQL Server Magazine UPDATE.

Microsoft recently launched the Microsoft Developer Network (MSDN) Online SQL Server Developer Center. Initially, I planned to share some of the best tips from the main page to whet your appetite, but I couldn’t decide which tips were best because all the information was great. Of course, it’s an indisputable fact that SQL Server Magazine is the most amazing and valuable collection of SQL Server information anywhere in the universe. With that said, the SQL Server Developer Center is definitely a URL for your favorites list.

Have you had a chance to browse the contents of SQL Server Insider? This is a monthly forum that queries internal Microsoft SQL Server experts about different aspects of the product. Recent topics include:

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