When is Software Installed If a Computer is in Collections with Different Maintenance Windows?

Q: If a computer is in a collection that has a maintenance window but is also in another collection that doesn't have a maintenance window, and software is advertised to the collection with no maintenance window, when is the software installed on the client?

A: It doesn't matter how software is advertised to a computer via different collections, software is deployed only during a maintenance window that has been defined on the collections that a computer is a member of. For example consider the following:

  • An All Servers collection containing all servers in the environment which has no maintenance windows defined
  • A Critical Servers collection containing a subset of servers from the All Servers collection which has a maintenance window of 1-4am every Saturday
  • A software package advertised to the All Servers collection

For the Critical Servers, the software wouldn't be deployed until the 1-4 am maintenance window, even though it was advertised to the All Servers collection.

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