Using Orchestrator SMA Outside of Windows Azure Pack

Using Orchestrator SMA Outside of Windows Azure Pack

Q: Can I use Orchestrator SMA outside of the Windows Azure Pack?

A: The focus for Orchestrator Service Management Automation (SMA) in System Center 2012 R2 is that it be used through the Windows Azure Pack, which includes a complete Automation workspace that allows the creation, management, and execution of Windows PowerShell workflows. There's no separate Orchestrator SMA interface to use outside of Windows Azure Pack; however, there are PowerShell cmdlets that enable the full management and execution of Orchestrator SMA.

There is a great document at this Microsoft document  that walks through all the available PowerShell cmdlets for SMA that would enable interaction with SMA via PowerShell. At this time, that is the only way to interact with Orchestrator SMA outside of Windows Azure Pack.

To learn more about Orchestrator SMA, see my FAQ "What is Orchestrator SMA?"

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