Using Exchange Connector 3.0 for Service Manager

Using Exchange Connector 3.0 for Service Manager

Q: How do I install the new System Center Service Manager 2012 Exchange Connector 3.0?

A. On April 26, 2013, Microsoft finally released the RTM of Exchange Connector 3.0 to replace the previous Release Candidate version that was available. The RTM is available for download from the Microsoft website  and also available is the deployment guide which you should definitely download and read. You'll need to take care of some steps prior to installing Exchange Connector 3.0 RTM:

  1. Make sure you have Service Pack 1 of System Center 2012 Service Manager installed and that you have applied Update Rollup 2.
  2. Uninstall Exchange Connector 3.0 RC prior to installing the RTM of the connector.
    - Delete the existing Exchange Connectors (you might want to take screen shots of your configurations).
    - Delete the Exchange Connector Management Pack.
    - Delete the .DLL files from the Service Manager installation folder (Microsoft.SystemCenter.ExchangeConnector.dll and Microsoft.SystemCenter.ExchangeConnector.resources.dll).
  3. Install Exchange Connector 3.0 RTM by following the installation guide.
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