Update Rollup 4 for Service Manager SP1 Now Available

Update Rollup 4 for Service Manager SP1 Now Available

UPDATE: Released and Pulled: UR4 for Service Manager 2012 SP1

The R2 wave of System Center products has been released, but that doesn't mean pre-R2 versions still need some fixes here and there. As has been the case, Microsoft continues to produce lumped releases that contain various bug fixes collected over time. These releases are called Update Rollups (UR).

The latest UR for Service Manager SP1 has just released and contains 16 fixes. The fixes include:

·         If the amount of “Manual Activities” displayed in Service Manager Portal exceeds a certain limit, page load times out and does not render properly resulting in a blank page

·         Improper cleanup of custom related type causes grooming on the EntityChangeLog table to stall causing the table to grow substantially

·         Service Requests complete unexpectedly due to race condition between workflows

·         Console crashes when double clicking parent incident link on an extended incident class

·         PowerShell tasks created via the authoring tool don't run due to incorrect reference to certain assemblies.

·         Exchange MP gets stuck in pending association post MP Sync Job

·         Enable Run As Accounts for use with Exchange Connector 3.0 RTM

·         SQL broker conversations can lead to very large OperationsManager DB size and TempDB size

·         Service Requests put on hold are incorrectly evaluated as completed

·         File attachments are not getting properly saved in the database

·         RunbookMonitorWorkflow cannot handle failed status of runbooks

·         After SP1 upgrade, new "Service Dependents" entries created for "Business Services" cannot be seen in the console any more

·         Subsequent activities within a Service Request start to run even though the current activity has not finished yet

·         Review Activity add reviewer workflow fails to run

·         Simple lists in self-service portal do not function correctly in SSP after upgrading to SP1

·         Powershell tasks created via the authoring tool don't run

Obviously, if you have detected any of these bugs in your Service Manager environment, grab the 60MB download and perform the update. But, for those who may not have experienced any of the issues, you might still want to install the update because there's a good some of the bugs will affect your environment eventually.

UR4 can be downloaded from here: Update Rollup 4 for System Center 2012 SP1 Service Manager (KB2887775)

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