System Center Configuration Manager Docs Complete Today’s Launch

System Center Configuration Manager Docs Complete Today’s Launch

Earlier today, Microsoft finally made the announcement that System Center Configuration Manager is available for everyone – well, everyone that is properly licensed. The announcement comes today despite the actual bits showing up available for download from MSDN last week.

Last month, I spent a week at a Configuration Manager-heavy conference in Minnesota, called the Midwest Management Summit. If you’re a person focused almost entirely on Configuration Manager, this is the event for you. The event was held at the Mall of America. It was an extraordinary community event and being held adjacent to the largest mall in the United States, is the only conference I know of with its own roller coaster. (Well, I guess you can count IT/Dev Connections in that mix, since Las Vegas has a couple roller coasters on the strip).

One of the sessions I attended was delivered by a good friend of mine, Jeff Gilbert. Jeff is the Senior Content Publishing Manager at Microsoft. Jeff and I go way back and it seems every time we’re together, we eat way too much.

Jeff regularly requests feedback at events like IT/Dev Connections and the Midwest Management Summit so Microsoft can continue to improve its documentation. Microsoft’s product documentation has improved greatly over the years. When I hear people complain about documentation now, I just shake my head. They obviously haven’t been around long enough to feel the pains. Jeff and his predecessor, Steve Kaczmarek (who is now retired), are the primary reasons for the documentation improvements. Well, that and their capacity for listening to customers.

Just a few minutes ago, Jeff relayed the info that the docs for the new System Center Configuration Manager are now available in the TechNet library:

The circle is complete.

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