System Center 2012 Orchestrator Cookbook Released

System Center 2012 Orchestrator Cookbook Released

Some good friends of mine finished up a cookbook for Microsoft System Center 2012 Orchestrator a few weeks ago, and now the book has officially released. Knowing the authors as I do, this book will be phenomenal. It's not a "hey, here's Orchestrator" book, but more of a "what to do" after you learn the basics. It includes examples in a cookbook format, which makes it best to be read while sitting near a keyboard.

Formerly Opalis, Microsoft officially acquired the technology in December of 2009, and then spent the next couple years improving it, integrating it, and finally developing a top piece of the Microsoft Cloud management puzzle.

As many of you know (some many not), Orchestrator is the one piece of the System Center 2012 suite that ties the entire suite together. Orchestrator is a powerful tool, allowing admins to automate functions and tasks and build cohesive continuity across the different System Center products.

The book comes in two versions. One for Kindle devices and software, and the other in standard, tree-killing paperback. Of course, the prices reflect the differences, too, with the Kindle being logically cheaper.

Here's the links for purchase from

The Kindle version - $9.99

The Paperback version - $54.99



P.S. You can get support for Orchestrator from our sister site, myITforum, in the following locations:

System Center Orchestrator Email List

System Center Orchestrator Forum

System Center Orchestrator Community Group

System Center Orchestrator Runbooks Community Repository

myITforum is the defacto standard location for 3rdparty community support for System Center.


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