Simplifying end user client data recovery with DPM 2010

One of the hidden gems of System Center Data Protection Manager 2010 is end user recovery of client data. With DPM 2010 you can configure client data backup protection in a “set and forget” method. Client data is automatically backed up to the DPM server whenever the client is able to connect, and is able to be backed up locally when the client is in a disconnected state.

As you’ll see in the video below, DPM client end user recovery allows a user to restore data to a new computer from a computer that was previously backed up. This makes system replacements a breeze. It also means that if a user is using multiple computers, they can transfer data easily by recovering data that was backed up on one computer to another.

The video is narrated and less than 2 mins in length. When you watch it, you’ll understand what a powerful and simple tool DPM is when it comes to protecting the data on your organization’s client computers.

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