Q: What PowerShell cmdlets are changing in System Center Virtual Machine Manager (VMM) 2012?

A: Microsoft continues its commitment to Windows PowerShell with the release of the VMM 2012 beta. This version adds over 400 new cmdlets, while retiring slightly more than 100 cmdlets. Many of the changes are cosmetic, with this VMM version adding the characters "SC" to updated cmdlets. For example, the old Add-VMHost cmdlet has been replaced with Add-SCVMHost.

VMM 2012 is still an beta and its cmdlets may evolve further prior to its final release. The beta version alters functionality for nineteen previous cmdlets. The cmdlets with altered (either new or removed) functionality are: Add-VMHostCluster, Discover-Cluster, Get-VMPerformance, Get-VMwareResourcePool, Move-VM, New-GuestOSProfile, New-HardwareProfile, New-VirtualDiskDrive, New-VirtualSCSIAdapter, Remove-VirtualDVDDrive, Set-GuestOSProfile, Set-HardwareProfile, Set-VirtualDiskDrive, Set-VirtualDVDDrive, Set-VirtualSCSIAdapter, Set-VMHostCluster, Shutdown-VM, Start-VM, and Stop-VM.

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