Q: I installed System Center 2012 without a product key and it's running in evaluation mode--how do I switch to retail mode?

A: System Center 2012 is one product, which means a single product key is required to switch all of the components-- Configuration Manager (SCCM), Operations Manager, Data Protection Manager (DPM), Orchestrator, Virtual Machine Manager (VMM), Service Manager, and AppController--from evaluation to retail mode.

If you enter a product key during installation, then the installation is put in retail mode by default, but if you didn't enter a product key, you will be in evaluation mode.

Most of the SC 2012 components allow a product key to be entered within the management console. See Help - About dialog (VMM and Orchestrator), or rerun the setup routine to enter a product key (SCCM, AppController and DPM).

However, for Operations Manager, use Windows PowerShell:

  1. Open the Operations Manager Shell.
  2. Use the Set-SCOMLicense cmdlet, passing the product key in double quotes, for example:
    Set-SCOMLicense "xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx"
  3. Reboot the machine.

After the reboot is complete, you can check your server is retail by using the command below:

PS C:\> Get-SCOMManagementGroup | ft skuforlicense, version, timeofexpiration -a

Here's an example of typical output you'll receive:

SkuForLicense  Version   TimeOfExpiration
-------------          -------      ----------------
Retail 7.0.8560.0 12/31/9999 11:59:59 PM

Service Manager requires an uninstall and reinstallation if you didn't enter a product key during the installation, as there is no switch from evaluation to RTM.


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