Q: I have Request Offerings in System Center Service Manager 2012, but they aren't showing in the Category View in the Service Manager 2012 Web Portal. What should I do?

A: The Category View of the Service Manager 2012 portal shows only published Service Offerings and not Request Offerings. This means you must create a Service Offering that's published to be visible in the Category view. Do the following:

  1. Open the Service Manager Console.
  2. Open the Library workspace.
  3. Expand Service Catalog, and look at the Published Request Offerings (the Request Offering must be in Published state and not Draft). Remember, you shouldn't publish the built-in Request Offerings. Instead, you should copy an existing Request Offering or create your own, set it to Published, then use it in a Service Offering.
  4. Select Service Offerings, and select the Create Service Offering task.
  5. Click Next to the introduction page of the Create Service Offering wizard.
  6. Enter a Title, select a picture, category, language, and details for the new offering. It's important to note that the language selected must match that of the browser, so if you are using United States, select English (United States) instead of just English. (See screen shot below.) If you have only English speakers and want it to show for everyone, then don't select any language. Click Next.


  7. Go through the other pages until you get to Request Offering. Here you select the Published Request Offering you will offer with this Service Offering, and click Add. Click OK to the dialog box. (See screen shot below.)

  8. Under Publish, set the Offering status to Published, if you want the new Service Offering to show in Category view.
  9. Click Next, then Create.

The new offering should now show.


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