Q: I have a lab setup with System Center Service Manager (SCCM) and the Exchange connector. Can I have it check for mail more frequently than once per minute?

A: SCCM has a great Exchange connector that can be used to scan a mailbox and collect mails, which can be used to create new incidents and even update existing incidents and approve or reject change requests. Normally the setting that determines how frequently the mailbox is checked is in minutes, making 1 minute the most frequent option for checking for new mails. If you're performing a demo, 60 seconds can seem like an eternity, so you can make it check more frequently.

  1. Start the System Center Service Manager Console.
  2. Under the Administration Wonderbar (workspace), select Management Packs.
  3. Type Exchange in the filter and Service Manager Exchange Connector will be shown.
  4. Select the Service Manager Exchange Connector then the Export action.
  5. Select a save location and click OK.
  6. Open the exported XML file in Notepad (or your favorite XML editor).
  7. At the top of the file, change the version from to (because you're making a change). If you have a version number higher than that, just add 1 to whatever you have in your version:
  8. Search the file for Interval unit. You'll find only one occurrence in the SimpleRecurringSchedule section:
      <Interval Unit="Minutes">5</Interval>
  9. Change the Interval Unit to Seconds instead of Minutes and set the value to the number of seconds (e.g., 10 to check every 10 seconds):
      <Interval Unit="Seconds">10</Interval>
  10. Save the changes.
  11. Back in the Service Manager console, under Management Packs, select the Import option.
  12. Select the XML file you changed and click OK. A warning will be displayed saying that the management pack already exists and data may be lost. Ignore this and click Import then OK.
  13. The management pack should now show the new version and last modified date.

The change should take effect immediately, but you can no longer look at the properties of the connector or change them via the interface (it won't understand a seconds unit and would reset back to minutes). You now have a connector that's checking in seconds instead of minutes! Start the Event Viewer, go to Applications and Services Logs, Operations Manager, and you'll see Exchange Inbox Connector logs running every 10 seconds (or whatever your time was), showing the change has taken effect.

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