Q: I have to create IP address pools in System Center Virtual Machine Manager 2012--how can I see which specific IP addresses have been given out to hosts?

A: System Center 2012 Virtual Machine Manager (SCVMM) allows logical networks to be created that contain network sites, and within a site, IP address pools are created. When a virtual machine (VM) is created, an IP address is leased from the IP address pool and allocated to the VM.

The allocation to and configuration of the VM is performed by SCVMM modifying the SYSPREP file of the VM and inserting the IP address taken from the pool, which is then configured as a static IP address within the guest OS. When the VM is deleted, the IP address is returned to the IP pool.

The SCVMM 2012 GUI doesn't show specific IP address allocations, only the number of available addresses within the pool.

To see the details, you must use the Windows PowerShell commands below (note the subsequent example of output as well):

$ippool = Get-SCStaticIPAddressPool "Allen IP Pool"

Get-SCIPAddress -StaticIPAddressPool $ippool | ft -property Address,AssignedToType,State

Address                     AssignedToType         State
-------                     --------------         -----        VirtualNetworkAdapter      Assigned        VirtualNetworkAdapter      Assigned        VirtualNetworkAdapter    UnAssigned               VirtualMachine    UnAssigned
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