Q: How do I use a non-administrator account to connect System Center Service Manager 2012 to System Center Virtual Machine Manager 2012?

A: The Windows Remote Management capability that's used between Service Manager and Virtual Machine Manager for remote Windows PowerShell is enabled by default for administrative users only.

To enable for a non-administrator, you must manually set the permissions on the session configuration for the account that's used for the connector between System Center Service Manager (SCSM) 2012 and System Center Virtual Machine Manager (SCVMM) 2012:

  1. Log on to the System Center Virtual Machine Manager installation.
  2. Open a PowerShell window.
  3. Run the command below:
    Set-PSSessionConfiguration Microsoft.Powershell -ShowSecurityDescriptorUI
  4. Add the account used for the connector--for example the Service Manager Operations account--and grant the Execute (Invoke) permission, then click OK. (See the screen shot below.)


  5. You will then be prompted to confirm WinRM can be restarted; after restart, the change will take effect.

The test connection should now function correctly.

More information can be found at the Microsoft webpage "About_Remote_Troubleshooting" that covers various errors related to remote troubleshooting.


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