Make OpsMgr Distributed App a Business Service

Make OpsMgr Distributed App a Business Service

Q: How do I make a distributed application in Operations Manager available as a business service in Service Manager?

A: Distributed applications in Operations Manager allow many different elements being monitored to be grouped together into a complete service. This lets you enable the health of individual elements to be rolled up to show the health of the complete service.

Take a look at the example below,  which includes an ESX host, a SAN, a network switch, and many services.


After the Service Manager Operations Manager Configuration Items connector has been created, you need to import the distributed application management pack and all the management packs that the distributed application MP is dependent on.

After all the MPs are imported, update the Operations Manager CI connector with the new list of Management Packs that should be used for the importing of CI information.

To do so, open the properties of the Operations Manager CI connector, and select the Management Pack node (see screen shot below). Click Refresh, then ensure all new Management Packs are selected, and then click OK.


After the connector is updated, select the Synchronize Now option. After synchronization is complete, the distributed application should now show as a Business Service, as shown below.


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