Latest Windows Intune Error Resolved By Time or Client Update

Latest Windows Intune Error Resolved By Time or Client Update

There's been strong interest in Windows Intune since Microsoft started putting more development muscle behind it a few years back. Originally, it was just a neat Cloud-based utility for remotely helping out family members with their computer problems. Today, Windows Intune is much more and both MSPs and small-to-medium sized businesses are finding a lot of value in utilizing it.

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Microsoft is steadily building a strong product in Windows Intune. With each upgrade, new features are added that bring it closer to its System Center counterpart, Configuration Manager 2012. But, with each new update, it seems a new issue is introduced that needs explanation.

The latest Windows Intune update has brought a nominal error message to the administrator console that can be alleviated pretty easily, but the error message itself can be disconcerting at first glance because it relates to the Endpoint Protection agent. The Endpoint Protection agent is the engine that protects the PCs against viruses and malware. An error in this area is sure to send up alarms if it means the PC is unprotected.

The error message:


Cannot obtain the value from the computer.


If you see this error, don't get too agitated. This means that the remote client agent simply hasn't been updated yet. Microsoft suggests waiting for 24 hours to see if the issue resolves itself as all PCs are updated automatically, or you can manually install the new agents on the affected PCs.

There's a MSKB article associated with this new issue, and you can find it here: "Cannot obtain the value from this computer 0x80041002" error message after the Windows Intune service is upgraded to a new release

However, you might immediately wonder about the security state of the PCs when the Endpoint Protection agent is emitting an error like that. An unprotected PC can potentially cause bigger issues. The MSKB article doesn't give an answer to this, however, in a blog post Microsoft adds that…

This problem occurs due to a race condition that can happen because the new Windows Intune agents have not yet been installed. This race condition should resolve itself within 24 hours or as the new agents are installed. Your computer is protected during this time.


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