Intune and Configuration Manager–Better Together

Another announcement related to service pack 1 of System Center Configuration Manager is integration with Intune. It’s looking like you’ll be able to connect your Intune subscription to your Configuration Manager site – allowing you to use the Configuration Manager console to deploy software and updates to Intune clients (this is a bit speculative as you can’t directly do this at the moment with the SP1 beta).

Using Intune to manage internet clients and mobile devices vastly simplifies Configuration Manager deployment. At present you need to place configuration manager

Another big advantage of using Intune with Configuration Manager is that it looks like it will allow management of devices running Windows Mobile 8, Android and IOS. Given that you can also deploy software to client computers running MAC OSX, Win RT and all flavors of Windows client – you’ll be able to use Configuration Manager to manage almost all BYOD devices that are likely to turn up in your environment.

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