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How to remember all the System Center Suite 2012 products: Eat Avocados

How to remember all the System Center Suite 2012 products: Eat Avocados

With the Microsoft Management Summit 2013 just around the corner, Microsoft focusing so heavily on System Center, and the number of System Center products increasing almost monthly, I thought it would be a great time to rehash an old favorite.  If you get tongue-tied everytime you try to recite the list of System Center Suite products, hopefully this will help.

So, if you’ve been around the industry for a while, you may remember having to learn and know the OSI model once-upon-a-time to pass certification tests.  Novell (remember them?) included the OSI Model in their NetWare certification tests (CNA, CNE, ECNE, and so on). To quickly memorize the different layers of the OSI model, people would make up phrases where each word was associated with one of the OSI model layers.

A lot of folks made up their own, which made it easier for each person to learn.  Here’s one example:

  • ALL= Application layer
  • People= Presentation layer
  • Seem = Session layer
  • To = Transport layer
  • Need = Network layer
  • Data = Data link layer
  • Processing = Physical layer

Using this same method, here’s an easy way for you to remember all of the products that are included with the System Center 2012 Suite:

  • Eat = Endpoint Protection
  • A = App Controller
  • V = Virtual Machine Manager
  • O = Orchestrator
  • C = Configuration Manager
  • A = Advisor
  • D = Data Protection Manager
  • O = Operations Manager
  • S = Service Manager

Hence… “Eat Avocados”

Have one of your own?  Be creative and leave it in the comments.

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