Get the new Service Manager portal

Get the new Service Manager portal

Q. Where do I get the new Service Manager portal?

A. The old Silverlight based Service Manager portal has been replaced with a new HTML5 based portal that has better performance, a nicer aesthetic and some customization capabilities. To get the portal download the latest Update Rollup, for example UR8 from and then expand the downloaded ZIP file to a folder. In the folder is a SetupWizard.exe which will install the new portal. The full requirements for the new portal are outlined at however the key requirements are:

  • Update Rollup 7 or later deployed to Service Manager
  • On the server installing the self service portal to you must install the Web Server, .NET Framework 3.5, HTTP Activation, ASP.NET 4.5, Basic and Windows authentication and .NET Extensibility 4.5
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