The Full PowerShell Cmdlet Reference for System Center 2012

The Full PowerShell Cmdlet Reference for System Center 2012

For some, hearing the word PowerShell floated into conversation is like serving beans for lunch during a day-long board meeting. There are moments when the conversation simply shuts down, participants hold their breath, some leave the room, for others it brings about a nervous laughter, and a quaint few just shake their head and utter "Why?" in disgust.

But, in truth, as Mark Minasi said during IT/Dev Connections 2013, you MUST learn PowerShell. It's really nothing to be afraid of and those that start down the path to learning find it simple and easy to understand. And, as the education progresses, it gets easier and easier. But, it does help when there's a valuable reference guide, or guides, available to quickly know which functions are available for specific scenarios.

PowerShell is a hugely powerful (pun intended) scripting language and Microsoft has invested a lot of resources and support behind making it an integrated part of every piece of the company's software offerings.

Microsoft has just released a huge number of documents in .doc and .pdf format containing all of the PowerShell Cmdlets available for the System Center 2012 Suite.  I count 19 separate product docs altogether ranging from App Controller to Virtual Machine Manager. Of course, if you count both PDF and DOC, that increases the total number of downloads. Each is a separate download from the same page, but you can queue as many documents as you'd like.

The downloads are available from here: Cmdlet Reference Download for System Center 2012

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