Free eBook on Using ConfigMgr 2012 R2 to Manage Software Updates

Free eBook on Using ConfigMgr 2012 R2 to Manage Software Updates

Deploying software updates from Microsoft is tough, considering the number of problems the company has had with its patching mechanisms over the past couple years. Some companies still allow automatic updates to take over, and then later find that the updates broke something. The patching process is a well-defined project that includes testing, deployment, and troubleshooting, and those that don't employ staged practices suffer the consequences regularly. There are several solutions in the market that take the patching process into consideration and help companies build trusted deployments.

With System Center Configuration Manager owning close to 70% of the enterprise client management market, many companies use the built-in Software Update capabilities to manage the monthly patching process. But, even experienced administrators will tell you that the integrated features have their own difficulties. Fortunately, communities exist where Configuration Manager administrators can help each other out, with WindowsITPro sister site,, being the clear leader for System Center support. But, even then, it helps to have good information on-hand with which to help build a better patching process.

A new, free eBook is available from Microsoft Press. Titled, Microsoft System Center Software Update Management Field Experience, the 160 page eBook compiles accounts from Microsoft Premier Field Engineers and Consultants who have worked through issues in a multitude of different Configuration Manager environments.

The book contains the following 5 chapters and each section includes guidance and troubleshooting.

  • Architecture
  • Client
  • Management
  • Monitoring
  • Automation

Grab the free eBook using your link of choice:


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