Free eBook on Troubleshooting Configuration Manager Ready for Download

Free eBook on Troubleshooting Configuration Manager Ready for Download

Microsoft Press has released another in their series of free eBooks. While we've covered the majority of the new releases here on Windows IT Pro, our sister site has a special area for news and reviews on Tech Books here: Tech Books Community Group. When you join this group you can participate in discussions about technical books.

The latest eBook release from Microsoft Press is all about troubleshooting System Center Configuration Manager. The book is roughly 90 pages long and presents help in areas where troubleshooting is most common.

Written completely by Microsoft employees, the eBook is broken out into 3 separate chapters, giving ConfigMgr admins a basis for understanding the inner workings of the vastly intricate product. The book states it is based on the "observations and interactions with customers," so there's some good value. Personally, I prefer books written by actual customers instead of the vendor because there's better value in real-world content. Still, the book is a good source for educating yourself on the finer techniques of troubleshooting a beast of a product.

The 3 chapters are as follows:

You can download the eBook (PDF) from here: Microsoft System Center: Troubleshooting Configuration Manager

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