Free eBook: Microsoft System Center: Optimizing Service Manager

Free eBook: Microsoft System Center: Optimizing Service Manager

System Center Service manager is, by far, one of the most complex and tough to comprehend products in the System Center suite. Those that understand Service Manager are niche IT Pros who can write their own ticket. That's why companies like Cireson are doing so well, focusing primarily on Service Manager.

After you understand Service Manager, there are still many aspects to grasp. A new book about Optimizing Service Manager has been released to help continue building knowledge around the product. This is not a newbie book, but a book about optimizing processes and projects utilizing Service Manager as the driving technology.

The book is free as an eBook, and $9.99 for the printed copy. At 98 pages, $9.99 seems a bit pricey for something that will just take up space on a shelf.

In the past, Microsoft Press has offered download links for the eBooks, but this time they are requiring you to jump out to O'Reilly's web site, add the free eBook to a shopping cart, and then create a full O'Reilly account just to download it. Some of you have O'Reilly accounts already, so this is a 5 second process. For the rest, the free eBook will cost you a few more mouse clicks.

The eBook is located here:  Microsoft System Center: Optimizing Service Manager

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