DPM Client Protection Poem

The following is a little poem I used to open my DPM client protection talk. Someone asked me to post it and I figured that the Windows IT Pro blogs didn’t get enough poetry related to System Center ;-)




Have you ever stopped to wonder, where corporate data resides

On servers, on file shares, on laptops it hides.

Business critical information, data your organization needs

Sprouting in locations inaccessible to backup it breeds.


Data that users might work on, but never remember to save

When their hard disk goes crash, the situation is grave.

These mission critical documents, at risk once again,

If only someone smart had deployed System Center D.P.M


So how much will your company need, to ensure that laptop data’s not lost

The good news is if you have ECALs, is that DPM’s no extra cost.

So autodeploy DPM to clients, with an opsmanager management pack

You’ll protect servers and clients, you’ll protect the whole stack.

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