Create Configuration Manager application to uninstall old Office version

Q. What is the easiest way to create an application in Configuration Manager I can use to remove Office when it was not deployed using Configuration Manager?
Dept - SCCM

A. As an organization you may have adopted Configuration Manager and are now looking to roll out the latest version of Office but machines already have an older version installed, for example Office 2010 that was not deployed with Configuration Manager but rather was baked into the image which means you cannot supersede the legacy office with the new version for an automatic uninstall. There are a number of options to solve this however the easiest is to use Office Scrub to uninstall the old version by creating a new application that utilizes Office Scrub for the uninstall. For the custom application a detection mechanism is needed so Configuration Manager knows Office is present and therefore calls the uninstall. In this example I focus on Office 2010 but you could replace this with any version you need. The detection could be checking for the presence of a file such as winword.exe or checking for the product ID of Office 2010. In the example below I use the product ID:

  1. Open the Configuration Manager console
  2. Select the Software Library workspace
  3. Expand Application Management - Applications
  4. Select Create Application action
  5. For the type select Manually specify the application information and click Next
  6. Under General Information enter a name for the new application such as Office 2010 (or whatever version you need to remove)
  7. The Application Catalog information does not need to be completed as this application will never be offered to anyone
  8. For the Deployment Types select Add
  9. For the type of the new deployment select Script Installer and click Next
  10. Give a name for the deployment, such as Office and click Next
  11. For the content point to the share that has the content of Office Scrub. We do not need Office 2010 files since it will never be installed with this. For the installation program just type cmd.exe (it will never be used). For the uninstall use:
    cscript OffScrub10.vbs ALL /Quiet
  12. After clicking Next is the detection method. Click Add Clause... and select Windows Installer then enter the product code for your version of Office, for example {90140000-0011-0000-0000-0000000FF1CE} and click OK. Click Next
  13. Click Next for the rest of the wizard and click Close to complete the deployment type creation
  14. Click Next for the rest of the Application creation then click Close to complete creation

This application can now be used in the deployment of the new version of Office as the application superseded. An example is shown below:

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