Configure cluster aware updating with Configuration Manager 2016

Configure cluster aware updating with Configuration Manager 2016

Q. How do I configure cluster aware updating in Configuration Manager 2016?

A. Windows Server has had a native cluster-aware updating capability since Windows Server 2012 that enables a complete cluster to be patched with a single click that drains a node of its roles, patches it, fails the roles back then repeats the process on the next node and so on. System Center Virtual Machine Manager also has the same ability however both cluster-aware updating and SCVMM utilize WSUS or Windows Update and not Configuration Manager. Configuration Manager 2016 introduces a native ability to orchestrate the patching of a cluster that includes the ability to specify what percentage of the cluster may stay online during the operation and additionally pre and post scripts can be set as each node has actions performed. To enable perform the following:

  1. Place all the nodes in the cluster in their own Configuration Manager collection
  2. Open the properties of the collection and under the General tab check the "All devices are part of the same server cluster" which will enable the Settings button
  3. Click the Settings button
  4. Specify the percentage of the cluster that can go offline and also if scripts should be executed prior to the resource draining and post resuming. It's also possible to specify if the scripts should also execute if reboots occur. Click OK

Now patching when applied will respect these configurations as will other maintenance operations giving easy ability to patch clusters.

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