Configuration Manager 2012 Servicing Extension Exits Beta

Configuration Manager 2012 Servicing Extension Exits Beta

It spent almost 5 months in beta on the Microsoft Connect site, but the System Center 2012 Configuration Manager Servicing Extension has now been released as a publicly available and fully capable product.

And, product is probably a stronger word than needed in this case, as the Servicing Extension is really just an add-on that sticks an additional node into the Configuration Manager Administrator Console. If you've used Configuration Manager for any length of time you're probably already used to installing add-ons like Right-click Tools. has a stack of valuable add-ons you can download. Here's a few:

The Servicing Extension is valuable and provides several key pieces of information directly in the Administration Console. These could be obtained manually with a little work, but the Servicing Extension automates it.

Here's what it does and why you might want it:

  • It notifies you of ConfigMgr updates as they become available and provides the ability to filter updates according to the major releases.
  • It provides additional details on the sites in your environment for quick review in the console. These include: the last major ConfigMgr version installed and the most recently installed Cumulative Update.
  • It enables a view for the installed ConfigMgr client versions which can be used to create queries to identify for Collections.
  • It integrates an RSS reader into the ConfigMgr console that aggregates blog posts from the System Center Configuration Manager Team Blog and The Configuration Manager Support Team Blog.

The add-on is available from the Microsoft Download Center here: Microsoft System Center 2012 Configuration Manager Servicing Extension

You can find the user guide here: Configuration Manager Servicing Extension user guide

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