Cireson Releases Its First Integrated SCCM Solution with a Nod to Roger Zander's Work

Cireson Releases Its First Integrated SCCM Solution with a Nod to Roger Zander's Work

The folks at Cireson have been hinting at building solutions directly for System Center Configuration Manager, and with Wally Mead, long time SCCM guru at Microsoft, now on board, you had to expect it.

Cireson built the company based on solutions for System Center Service Manager, and a new release is its first attempt at providing new features for Configuration Manager – and it looks to be a good one.

Those that have been involved with Configuration Manager for any length of time are familiar with a couple things.

First, many community solutions called Right-click tools have been built and installed by Configuration Manager customers. Right-click tools add more functionality to the Configuration Manager console, allowing admins to right-click the mouse in the console and get immediate access to features the admin console doesn't provide, but should.

Secondly, Configuration Manager admins are familiar with Roger Zander. Roger has long been a popular developer of Configuration Manager add-ons and software, most of the time providing them as free downloads.

A lot of what you see in Cireson's first Configuration Manager add-on release, called Remote Manage, pays tribute to both of these attributes. When you look at the features in this first release, you'll immediately recognize many of these as being available in existing tools:

  • Add or remove clients from device collections
  • Run Configuration Manager Client actions remotely
  • Interact with Applications, Packages in Software Center, and installed applications
  • Interact with Software Updates deployed from SCCM. Requires SUP to be enabled at the Configuration
  • Manager site
  • Interact with processes, services, printers
  • Remote shutdown/reboot commands
  • View remote Computer Management, Event Viewer, and Users & Groups
  • Start RDP, Remote Control, or Remote Assistance sessions
  • Evaluate Group Policy results (RSoP)
  • Start WMI health validation & repair
  • WOL capabilities
  • View computer information compiled from Configuration Manager and the remote client

Remote Manage is a free download after you fill out a short contact form. The app will be sent through email after registration.

To get the app, jump out to the following link and scroll down the page:  Cireson Remote Manage app

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