Can I Block Access to Azure from App Controller?

Can I Block Access to Azure from App Controller?

Q: I am using AppController for my users to access my Private Cloud--can I block them from adding Windows Azure services via the portal?

A: System Center 2012 AppController SP1 supports providing services from several sources:

  • System Center 2012 Virtual Machine Manager clouds
  • Windows Azure
  • Hosting providers that support Service Provider Framework (SPF)

Users of AppController automatically see services they have access to from System Center Virtual Machine Manager but can also add other services such as from Windows Azure and hosting providers. It is NOT possible to stop users from adding other service providers.

Typically, the reason for wanting to block other services such as Windows Azure is if a company is using AppController to offer services to external people, such as a service provider. The reality is AppController isn't really designed as a portal for hosting providers to use for clients, and Microsoft has a separate solution that's targeted for hosting providers.

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