Automating Your Operations with VMM Services

Automating Your Operations with VMM Services

Learn how you can use VMM to automate your server deployments

Deploying multi-tier applications is a magnitude of complexity higher than deploying single tier or desktop applications. A typical multi-tier deployment might consist of one or more web frontend servers, a middle tier business logic server and a relational database server on the backend. When you go to deploy this kind of application you need the hardware and operating system to be properly configured for all of the different tiers, you need the correct infrastructure servers like IIS and SQL Server to be properly updated and configured, and on top of all of that you need to make sure that your application code and databases are all at the right levels. This is true whether or not the systems are physical or (as is more likely nowadays) if they are virtual.

VMM Services to the Rescue
System Center Virtual Machine Manager (VMM) services can streamline and automate application deployments. VMM services enable you to manage multi-tier applications as a single entity – or service. For multi-tier applications this can really help you to automate your operations as it enables a higher level of management. For instance, you can create a VMM service that encapsulates all of the application tiers in a multi-tier application and then you can deploy and manage the VMM service rather than needing to separately deploy and manage each individual VM at every applications tier.

Learn more at IT/Dev Connections 2015!
You’ll be able to learn a lot more about creating and deploying VMM at this year’s IT/Dev Connections conference at the ARIA Resort in Las Vegas.  In the session Automate Exchange Deployment Using System Center VM you’ll see how to build VMM services for Exchange. While this session focuses on Exchange the same principles apply to other servers as well. You can use the following discount code to get a $200 off your registration fee.

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Register here: IT/Dev Connections 2015

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