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Syncfusion Releases Metro Studio 1, Suite of Icons for Metro Application Developers

Syncfusion has released Metro Studio 1, a suite of more than 600 vector-based Metro icons that are easily customizable and free to use. With Metro Studio 1, developers can include Metro-style icons in their applications at no charge and have the ability to modify Metro icons as desired.

"When you're starting to develop Metro applications, you have to visually differentiate them. You need to have the right kind of Metro images to spruce up your app, and Metro Studio 1 will help you do that," said Daniel Jebaraj, Syncfusion's vice president of product development.

Metro Studio 1 icons have been designed in accordance with Microsoft's guidelines for Metro UIs. In addition, the suite contains general icons that are essential to all applications, as well as icons that are targeted to specific industries. Users can easily customize icons through Metro Studio 1's intuitive UI to change features such as icon color or size.

According to Syncfusion, an icon package of this scope, including the rights to distribute in applications, could potentially retail for $500. Despite this, Syncfusion has decided to provide this suite to the developer community for free. Syncfusion felt that this would help users expedite application development so applications could be quickly deployed and tested without calling on a graphic designer.

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