Surface Pro 2 R.I.P.

Surface Pro 2 R.I.P.

It's dead, Jim

Microsoft's previous generation Surface Pro, Surface Pro 2, is no longer available for sale from Microsoft's online store, indicating that the available stock has likely run out. Microsoft began selling the device's replacement, Surface Pro 3, earlier in the summer and had previously discounted the price of Surface Pro 2 in July.

The disappearance of Surface Pro 2 from Microsoft's online store was first discovered by Neowin's Brad Sams. Brad actually engaged in a conversation about the device with the online customer support rep, who told him that "Surface Pro 2 is no longer for sale on the site."

What's odd is that you can actually still read about Surface Pro 2 on Microsoft's online store. But if you follow through to actually buy one, you get a disconcerting error message.

Microsoft had previously dropped the pricing on Surface Pro 2. But now it appears to be gone.

To be clear, this change doesn't indicate that a "Surface Pro 4" or whatever is imminent. Microsoft had always intended to replace Surface Pro 2 in the market with Surface Pro 3, not continue selling both side-by-side.

More mysterious is the fate of Surface 2, the current-generation but now long-in-the-tooth Windows RT-based device that Microsoft is still selling. Microsoft had originally intended to replace Surface 2 with the RT-based Surface Mini and sell that device alongside Surface Pro 3. But a last minute executive decision halted Surface Mini sales—despite the fact that thousands were manufactured—leaving Microsoft with a hole in its lineup.

So today, you can still buy an aging Surface 2 alongside Surface Pro 3. And the real question isn't whether we see a Surface Pro 4 this year—that's ridiculous—but whether we'll see a new non-Pro device any time soon.

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