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SuperSite Blog Daily Update: September 30, 2010

Not sure why I didn't blog about this before, but Microsoft has improved the security controls in Hotmail to prevent account hijacking.

Security bulletin MS10-070 addresses that zero-day ASP.NET vulnerability. It's been released out of band, meaning not on the normal Patch Tuesday.

In the year since Microsoft released its free (and excellent) Microsoft Security Essentials product, over 30 million people are now using it to protect their PCs. I use it, and recommend it. And again, I bet v2 is shipping in October.

Microsoft bans employees from tweeting at annual meeting. If they wanted no one to find out what happened, they could have simply allowed them to update the Windows Live social feed only. Favorite quote: "It's a private meeting," said Microsoft spokesman Lou Gellos. Right. One that's held at Safeco Field.

Nokia (Finally) Ships New Smartphone. See? They can still ship products. Slowly.

Big news from Mary Jo: Microsoft set to release final version of Windows Live Essentials 2011. I'm surprised this is ready so fast given the Windows Live Mesh mess and the switch to WordPress. Update: It's out!

Windows Phone 7: Tipping the Scales of the Smartphone Market is a long-winded version of what I wrote earlier this week. Yeah, it really is pretty darn good. Sorry, fanboys.

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