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SuperSite Blog Daily Update: October 9, 2010

The New York Times is now corroborating the recent Wall Street Journal report that Verizon will soon sell Apple's iPhone. And while they, as always, couch any Apple defeat with an out for the company and its rabid fans, some smart phone market trends are undeniable:

Around the world, many carriers, especially those that do not have access to the iPhone, have been promoting an array of handset models running on Google’s Android software. Collectively, those phones now outsell the iPhone.

This week, Nielsen reported that Android accounted for 32 percent of the new smartphones sold in the United States in last six months. By comparison, the iPhone accounted for 25 percent. The numbers confirm those of other research organizations.

Also, a nice nod to Windows Phone:

Another factor that could be pushing Apple to end its AT&T exclusivity is the impending arrival of phones running Microsoft’s new Windows Phone 7 software. The two companies are making a joint announcement about its phones Monday. Early reviews of the devices have been positive, and Microsoft, which has faltered repeatedly in the phone business, plans to spend heavily to market the new handsets. “Windows phones should not be dismissed,” Mr. Wolf said. “They will be a major player in the market.”

Speaking of which, ZD's David Gewirtz asks, Should Steve Jobs "man up" and kill the iPhone 4? Yes. Absolutely. I would be shocked if Apple tried to sell its current, hugely broken, iPhone 4 design via Verizon. By the way, kudos to Gewirtz for the heading, "What kind of moron puts glass on both sides of a portable device?". LOL. Why, the kind of moron who values design over function, of course.

If I can be serious just for a moment: Verizon isn't the answer to your iPhone problems. Anyone using an iPhone who believes that switching networks is a cure-all hasn't actually tried using a different phone on AT&T yet. I've been using Windows Phone (on a prototype phone, no less) exclusively since July, and I haven't dropped a single call yet. (This phone is using my iPhone 3GS' AT&T SIM, to be clear.) Meanwhile, I dropped calls very regularly on every iPhone I've owned, and I've owned four of them. This is night and day, people. Night and day.

Is Ubuntu 10.10 yet another chance to ditch Windows? Of course it is. Another chance no one will take. 2011 is the year of desktop Linux! (In case it's not obvious, Ubuntu 10.10 ships Sunday, on October 10, or 10/10.)

This Is A BIG F***ing Deal For The Deaf Community! - a look at the Twenty-First Century Communications and Video Accessibility Act of 2010, which was just signed into law by president Obama.

It makes the Internet accessible to the deaf community by requiring television programming to be captioned on the Internet, a closed-caption button on television remotes, and hearing aid compatibility for smartphones.

As the parent of a deaf child, all I can say is, "Bravo." Thanks to Fabio S. for the link.

Shocker: the guy from Google thinks we already have enough smart phone platforms. Well, Microsoft got there first. So why don't you withdraw yours then?

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