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SuperSite Blog Daily Update: October 5, 2010

AT&T charged me for a Windows Phone test app it made that doesn't do anything. And Microsoft charged me for a real Xbox LIVE game for Windows Phone that refuses to work. Hey, what's $6.88 between friends?

Microsoft is bringing Office Web Apps to BPOS (Business Productivity Online Standard Suite; i.e. hosted Exchange and so on) customers. Which is nice and all, but how about adding support for the latest Microsoft server products first? BPOS, incredibly, is still running on Exchange 2007. Yes, really.

Finally, someone with more than half a brain is taking on Microsoft's decision to sue Motorola. "The spat is likely the end result of ongoing, and now failed, licensing negotiations between Microsoft and Motorola ... The bad news for Motorola is that Microsoft's choice of venue indicates that the company is ready to play hardball ... Microsoft's ultimate goal probably isn't to keep Motorola from using Android at all, but merely to add a cost component to Android, which is currently free for handset makers to use, whereas Microsoft's Windows alternative carries a licensing fee." Exactamundo, Mr. Cunningham. Or, Mr. Mim, I guess.

And speaking of half a brain, here's the other way you could report on Motorola vs. Microsoft. Because companies only sue when they can't compete. Which explains why Apple sued HTC, right?

Microsoft Signature: an expensive way to remove crapware. Which is like saying that buying a Lexus is an expensive way to get a Camry, I guess.

2 E-Books Cost More Than Amazon Hardcovers. The start of a disturbing trend. Thanks again, Apple.

Facebook chat added to Windows Live Messenger in Canada, Australia, and 5 more countries today. In case you were waiting for this.

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