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SuperSite Blog Daily Update: October 4, 2010

Busy morning today thanks to all the Windows Phone stuff. Looks like Microsoft is going to announce the first Windows Phone 7 devices next Monday in NYC, along with AT&T. I'm going to the launch and will be in the city for the entire day. Annoying semantics: I've been saying all along that the WP7 "launch" is November 8 and that the "announcement" is October 11. Naturally, Microsoft is calling the October 11 press conference a "worldwide launch." Sigh. The phones don't arrive, however, until ... you guessed it ... November 8.

Speaking of Windows Phone, The WSJ has an interview with Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer (printable version) that focuses on the company's new mobile platform. (Subscription required, I think.)

And CNET has a nice, behind-the-scenes look at Microsoft's courtship of phone developers.

A number of readers note that Amazon is accepting pre-orders for the Windows 7 Family Pack. It ships October 22. Best of all, its $10 off right now, or $139.99.

Google has released their own URL shortener,

Mary Jo asks, Should Microsoft become multiple mini-Microsofts? To which I say, quoting Khan, a million times yes.

Big news: Google's Google TV site is live!

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