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SuperSite Blog Daily Update: October 21, 2010

Microsoft is renaming its Xbox Live Silver account type to Xbox Live Free, apparently in a bid to make it sound more pedestrian and get some people to upgrade to the real thing. In case you're wondering, I think Xbox Live should simply be free across the board, a perk for those who choose Microsoft's gaming solutions.


Happy Birthday, Windows 7. Microsoft has sold over 240 million copies of Windows 7 in its first year.

Some Windows 7 usage data from Microsoft:

Windows 7 users have…

... opened the Start menu 14,139,925,439 times

... used Aero Snap 150,957,478 times

... use Aero Shake 20,555,528 times

... used jump lists 339,129,958 times

... pinned 12,643 unique applications to the taskbar and Start menu


The HTC HD7 (T-Mobile's first Windows Phone 7 device) will also be available on November 8.

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