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SuperSite Blog Daily Update: October 17, 2010

Sorry for the lack of updates yesterday, I've come down with a lovely, lovely cold, and I'm a bit off this weekend.


The New York Times has an interesting article this morning comparing America's "dumb" credit cards with Europe's "smart" chip-and-PIN cards (the latter of which uses two-factor authentication for security purposes). This is particularly relevant to me because we go to Europe a lot and often can't use our cards in certain places, especially kiosks. So we've been hoping that some American bank would offer a chip-and-PIN card. But according to this, they're not any more secure than what we already have. So maybe it will never happen.


Microsoft expands on its previously-announced plans to provide non-profits with free software to prevent authoritarian governments from using software piracy as an excuse to crack down on them.


Digiarty Software, Inc. the makers of the MacX DVD Ripper Pro is offering the program for free during the period Oct 12 thru Oct 28, 2010. There's a Windows version (the license code is in the download ZIP file). Thanks to David S. for the link.


The Zune services are finally heading worldwide, albeit inconsistently. But maybe there's a bigger problem looming for those who had previously tried to make this stuff work previously: Another nasty Zune gotcha coming your way and it’s gonna hurt. Thanks to Robert B. for the link.

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