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SuperSite Blog Daily Update: October 1, 2010

I see they fixed the headline bug in Windows Live Writer 2011, which you'll understand if you used the previous beta. That's nice. But the keyboard shortcut for Paste As Text (CTRL + SHIFT + v) is still missing in action. I use(d) that all the time. I wish it were still there, because the way you have to do this now is monotonous: Click the arrow under the Paste button in the ribbon, choose Paste Special, choose Removing Formatting, click OK, sigh. (And yes, "sigh" is part of the procedure, at least for me.)

(Note: Thanks to Greg in the comments: You can access the Paste Special windows with CTRL-ALT-V. Nice! Dumb, but thanks for that. --Paul)

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer received a bonus this year that was 50 percent of the possible maximum. The reason? While the company posted record sales in the year, it also had mobile mishaps (lost market share, KIN flop) and didn't innovate with iPad-like tablet devices. So how does one report such a story? Two different ways:

1. Ballmer, other top Microsoft execs get raises
2. Microsoft's Ballmer loses big bonus over Kin, phone, tablet failures

Both are correct. Both take a decidedly different slant.

Logitech will "unveil" its Google TV device on October 6, according to CNET. Is that a launch or an announcement?

How dare Google try to invent its own image format! I mean, screw that! Oh, wait.

Gears of War 3 has been delayed until Fall 2011. That's just fine: It should launch during the holiday season, so this is probably a smart move. Then again, it may be going up against Modern Warfare 3, which would be bad.

Stupid Apple fanboy article of the day: 10 Ways People Are Using The iPad To Create Content, Not Just Consume It. Which will never be followed by, but should be, the article "100,000 Ways People Are Using The iPad To Only Consume Content, And Never Create Anything Except Personal Debt." Spare me, Dan.

New gear alert: A WD-TV Live Plus arrived today for review.

Microsoft sues Motorola for violating Microsoft patents in its Android smart phones.

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