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SuperSite Blog Daily Update: November 9, 2010

Excuse the late start, I've been a bit preoccupied with Call of Duty: Black Ops today.

Which is awesome, by the way. :)


This should raise a few smiles: Microsoft has added full session SSL support to Hotmail today. In addition, SkyDrive, Photos, Docs, and Devices will now only work over HTTPS. By using a secured connection, users can be even more confident that their accounts are safe from hijackers, and their private information won’t fall into someone else’s hands.


While I have no idea if the Galaxy Tab will be successful, it's pretty clear looking at this promo video that the 7-inch widescreen is the optimal form factor for this kind of device, as opposed to the 4:3, 10-inch iPad screen, which results in a device that is too big and too heavy.

Of course, the basic UI problem of the iPad is repeated here, too: The Tab is just an Android phone that's been up-sized, with no major changes to accommodate the bigger screen size. There's some dual-pane iPad copying in there, but nothing exciting.

And of course, Samsung will over-charge for the darned thing, and/or require a data plan.

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