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SuperSite Blog Daily Update: November 30, 2010

Good morning.

Looks like Microsoft has sold 2.5 million Kinects so far. For some reason, PC World took this news as a chance to slam the iPad:

Microsoft's Kinect sensor for the Xbox 360 is selling faster in the first month of its release than ... the Apple iPad. Microsoft's Kinect has sold over 2.5 million units in less than a month ... That's twice as fast as the initial sales of Apple's iPad, which sold 2 million units in the first two months.

It then links to a story claiming that the iPad was the "fastest selling electronic device ever," apparently refuting that claim. Which had also, ahem, appeared in PC World. Of course.

I will say this. While I recognize the tremendous technical achievement of Kinect, there's no evidence that this thing isn't simply the next Wii, i.e. a very popular but ultimately very-little-used device that just sits under the TV, unused. My kids went through the typical excitement period but very quickly returned to their previous play patterns.


I saw the headline The road to Microsoft Office 365: The past and rolled my eyes because there was a 99 percent chance that whoever wrote the story has no idea what they're talking about. But then I saw that it was Mary Jo Foley, and realized immediately it would be worth reading. So please do so. :)


There's nothing like being on complete opposite sides of an argument. On the one hand, we have Google saying that 60 percent of business users could dump Windows and move to Google Chrome OS. And then there's Microsoft, which says Google has failed in the enterprise. I'm going to have to go with Microsoft on this one. I'm not saying no businesses are going to move to Google Chrome OS. Actually, maybe I am saying that.

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