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SuperSite Blog Daily Update: November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving, if you're celebrating.


Someone is making IE 6, 7, 8, and 9 available to Mac users as ie4mac. This didn't make too much sense to me at first, but then the utility of it became obvious, at least for web developers and those office workers that need specific site compatibilty. Why any Mac user would actually want to use IE as their browser is, however, unclear.

Thanks to Tom G. for the link.


The Beatles appear to have done well by iTunes: According to Apple, fans have purchased over 450,000 Beatles albums and over 2 million individual tracks in the first week of availability. The best-selling Beatles album in the US is "Abbey Road" while "Here Comes the Sun," a relatively-rare song with George Harrison lead vocals, is the number one track.


The New York Times has a good read about Google Chrome OS, and some obvious questions about where Android and Chrome OS overlap.


We all know Apple's computers are overly expensive for what you get, but this is ridiculous.


Speaking of Apple, the company finally released iOS 4.2 (well, 4.2.1) this week. This is a pretty important update, despite the vaguely minor-sounding version number. And as many have pointed out to me by email, it also brings with it the free version of Find My iPhone, which previously required the annual MobileMe subscription. That Microsoft includes a free service called Find My Phone with every Windows Phone is, I'm sure, completely coincidental, and doesn't represent a response by Apple in any way, shape, or form. Cough.

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